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Remodeling in New York City
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Bathroom Remodeling in Brooklyn

Is your bathroom outdated and in desperate need of a makeover? Would like to create a luxurious bathroom that reminds you of a spa experience? Maybe you are just thinking of installing a new toilet to save on water usage. Or want to create your own personal en suite bathroom with whirlpool tub and the works. It's your home and your dream, our part is to make it happen it happen for you. Our work is professional and we aim to provide excellence and quality work that you will admire for years to come.

Client experience: We hired Drakes Carpentry & Woodwork LLC to remodel our townhouse bathroom and we LOVE the end results! Before the remodel our bathroom always smelled molding, there was no natural light because our unit is attached on both sides and everything was outdated. Even the original tiles looked worn.Bathroom Remodeling in and near Brooklyn New York

Tyrone and his crew completely demolished the bathroom. Added a skylight to let in natural light and allow air to circulate. Tiled my bathroom from floor to ceiling in a stylish design, added a whirlpool tub, installed a my new vanity and added an updated vent and shower system. Like I said before, I love my bathroom now and so do my guests. I recommend this company to all my friends because of the quality work inside the walls and outside where people can see.

Bathroom Remodeling Brooklyn NY
Remodeling in Brooklyn NY
Brooklyn Bathroom Remodeling
Remodeling in New York City














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