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Rental Property Remodeling in Brooklyn

Are you a property owner looking to prepare your property for future tenants? Do you to get the best price for your rental property by remodeling and modernizing in order to capture the hearts for perspective tenants? Sometimes all it takes is a good paint job or upgrading your bathroom and/or kitchen. Whatever your desire, we are here to make it happen in a timely manner and with excellence as our goal.

From a carpenter's view:

Here are a few scenarios we have encountered during our years of service:

Rental property owners who were discouraged when we were first called in on projects because their past tenants, as they put it "completely wrecked" their investment. As we initially walked through these apartments and homes we witnessed holes in the walls, broken cabinets, doors just barely hanging on hinges, scrawls on floors, ripped carpets and even broken toilets and sinks. Each project is repaired based on its severity. If replacement is not needed we do not suggest it, but if it will save our clients money in the long run we will. We also suggest to our clients more durable products for tenant use and simple ways to minimize the damage done to their property with everyday use. One example of this is to require tenants to protect hardwood floors by placing felt pads under all furniture. It's a simple fix that stops scratches, therefore saves money on refinishing and helps the tenant to move furniture easily.

Other property owners who just want to make renting more cost effective for themselves and their tenants. Clients in this category are usually looking to find ways to cut down on the amount of energy being used during those really cold and hot months. Some of the ways we've served these clients include changing their windows, doors, adding more insulation and sealing cracks where air enters and escapes.

We have also had rental property owners looking to make their investment property more appealing to prospective renters. Some property owners have opted to upgrade their kitchens and baths with state of the art appliances, fixtures and custom tiling or added a bit more character to their homes with custom hardwood floors or focal piece like a faux brick or real brick walls.

Making these changes doesn't have to mean spending a lot of cash either! Not all customers want to, or can afford to invest a lot of money in upgrading their rental. And that is okay! We have upgraded rental properties for clients who chose more cost effective approaches by just changing their cabinet doors or painting their current cabinets and adding custom backsplashes to bring out the beauty in their current kitchens.

No matter the situation, the end result for all are clients were beautiful renovations, upgrades and repairs that helped to pique the interest of renters to bid on the properties.

Rental Property Remodeling Brooklyn NY
Remodeling in Brooklyn NY
Brooklyn Rental Property Remodeling
Remodeling in New York City














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