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Frequently Asked Questions

Who provides the permits for jobs that require them?

The contractor is responsible for providing all permits for home improvement projects.

What type of documents should I request from a contractor before proceeding with a home improvement project?

All contractors should provide proof of insurance, workman’s compensation insurance and their license information as stated by NYC Department of Consumer Affairs.  These laws are in place to protect consumers.

Should I request references from perspective contractors before signing on the dotted line?

Yes, it would be wise to investigate the credibility of any contractor and the quality of his/her staff to ensure that the contractor and staff have a reputation of integrity, professionalism and experience.

Is there a warranty on home improvement projects?

The materials/products used have the manufactures warranty which is passed on to the client.  Our company gives a one year warranty on labor if the defects are caused by the work performed, not when damaged is caused by the client.

Should I pay my contractor the full amount due before the job is completed?

This is NOT a good idea because we have all heard the horror stories about homeowners that paid for a job and the contractor never returned. Here is proverb from my father in the years of working with him in construction and gaining experience “There are two bad paymasters. One that pays too quickly—Do not let that happen to you. The next one is the one that does not like to pay after the services are completed—Do not do that to us.  This is humorous but all so true.

Is there a charge for requesting an estimate for work?
No, there is no charge for quotes.
What makes Drakes Carpentry & Woodwork LLC a better choice? 

There are many great remodeling companies servicing New York City. What makes us stand apart it that it's not all about the money. We take pride in our work and we aim to please our clients by providing quality work at a fair price and strive to complete our jobs quickly so clients can enjoy their homes.

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