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Remodeling in New York City
Remodeling New York City NY

Remodeling New York City

Remodeling New York City New York
Remodeling in New York City
Remodeling NY
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Remodeling New York City

Are you looking for a friendly, trustworthy and qualified licensed carpenter to assist you in remodeling your home, office or business?  Imagine dealing with someone who treats you like you are their best friend and gives you the kind of advice they would members of their own family.  And cares so much that everything is up to your standards that they will redo it over and over again without being asked to if that's what it takes to make things just right.


I'm Tyrone owner of Drakes Carpentry & Woodwork LLC.  When I was a child I grew up wanting to be just like my father, Carson Lee, who was a master carpenter.  I used to spend hours just watching him build things.  What to some children might have appeared boring was to me absolutely fascinating.  I always loved the way my dad had to get things just right.  Even if everyone else thought something looked good he would rip it apart and start over because to him "looking great" and being "perfect" were two different things.  I could see the pride in his eyes when he got it just right.  It made me smile then.  It makes me smile now too when I finish a remodeling project for someone and everything is "perfect".

What you need to know about me is not only that I am qualified, licensed, bonded and insured but I care about doing good work and my client's (your) happiness.  My prices are fair and my quality is outstanding.  With my team of carpenters, electricians and plumbers who all share my pride in doing the job right and treating customers as if they were our best friends, we can offer a large variety of services to meet all your remodeling needs.  We offer bathroom, kitchen and basement remodeling.  We can add decks or patios.  We can fix or replace your roof.  Even redo your driveway.  We also do framing, drywall and home security.  And we specialize in handling any kind of detailed woodwork ranging from hardwood floor installation and refinishing to custom closets and cabinetry.

No matter what your needs are, we can help.  We take the worry out of remodeling so that you can simply enjoy the wonderful improvements to your home.

We're easy to work with and friendly, so how about giving me a call!
Thank You

Tyrone Drakes
Drakes Carpentry (since 2001)

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